Lycians came to Anatolia, by second half of the BC 3 millennium inhabited in Anatolia and lived along the southern Anatolian region of the 2.nd millennium is the oldest Indo-European people of Anatolia after the collapse of the Luwians also said to endure. Taking into consideration the proximity of Luwian and Hittite language and that Luwians and Hittite were close relatives, it easy to understand the connection of Lycians with Hittites. In Hittite lanuage Lycia is called as Lukka.

Lycians who are known in the history for their first establishment of democratic union were spread among the Teke Peninsula region lying between (today known as) Antalya and Fethiye. The geopolitical importance, its unique nature and though they have come together from different cities they created a common culture shared as long as they existed. Anyone can see easily the track of Lycian works which are left behind and survive until today. Stretching from Fethiye to Antalya and Lycian history, called the Teke Peninsula hiking trails created by mapping a portion of the route marked was founded in 1999 by Kate Clow. Various sources as one of the world's top 10 long-distance trails are shown. The racecourse is available on the residential units of accommodation. All sponsoring organizations of the trail is marked and are maintained by volunteers. The first section of Lycian way is the Faralya in which (Uzunyurt) Village, Dodurga Village, Sdyma, Pinara - Letoon - the cities of Xanthos and Patara, which is located in the thin sand of an old harbor area. The second section Antiphellos, Apollonia, Simena, Myra, Limyra, is located in Olympos and Phaselis.

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